Tuesday, October 28, 2008

You gotta love Halloween!

Okay. So this past week we went with my parents to there trunk or treat! I must say it was a good time. A we went there for my mom's chili cookoff B to laugh at them and C I wouldn't miss them looking like idiots for the world! And Sam and Sam were in a pie eating contest and my little brother Sam won just by a little bit.... They were both good sports! I need to teach them a thing or 2. I was in a pie eating contest at the State fair one year and YES I DID WIN EVEY ONE!



Sam looks like such a dork in his daisy dukes. That CRACKS me up that they won the costume contest but couldn't place in the chili contest when someone else could win in their ward with her recipe.

Hallie said...

Holy crap that is hilarious. I'm diggin your dad's B.I.F. and his undies hanging out the bottom of his short pants...classic

Kacie said...

Awesome Rachel! Looks fun! haha! I love your honeymoon pictures. you need to keep putting pictures up. And pretty weird Jarets married and to her huh. At least you dont have to be his sister in law. Even more akward!! When will you be in Snowflake again?

Kathryn said...

Funny. Love the outfits. When are we going to have us a little Papa dinner? Isn't is about time again?

Randy & Kendra Montgomery said...

How fun! I always thought you should eat professionally!Holy Cow your bro sam is huge! How are you feeling?

Andrew + Kylie said...

Hey Rachel.
We are both doing great.
School and work is keeping us busy.
And yes it is true- I get baby hungry pretty easy. :}
How are you feeling?