Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Sam!!!

Sam's birthday was yesterday. We had a party for him at my parent's house it was a lot of fun. HE IS THE BIG 25!! I know crazy! Here are some things I love about Sam.
*Look at that smile... I see it all the time and I love it.
*He will do anything to make me happy.
*He will do anything for anyone.
*He is so kind.
*He is great with kids. And is going to make an awesome father.
*I love the way he kisses my belly in the morning to say hi to the baby.
*Is is an out doors guy and teaches me so much
*I love the way we joke around and not care.
* I am weird and he knows it and puts up with it. And acts weird with me.
*If I am not feeling good he will do anything for me to make me feel better.
*He is always happy!
*He gives me compliments all the time even if I just woke up and know otherwise!
*He is the best husband I could ever dream of! I love you so much Sam and hope you had a good birthday.



Happy Happy Birthday Samuel Nephi Fry! Hope the day was great. Thanks for letting us celebrate with you guys - good party!

Kacie said...

Just letting you know we switched our blog address to kobyandkaciepetersonfamily.blogspot.com

The Papa's said...

I didn't see you there! I wanted to talk to you last Sunday but I had sharing time. We will be there Saturday though so we'll see you then!