Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I know it has been forever!!!

I know it has been forever and people just keep asking for pictures so this will be a post with alot of pictures!! And for those who know me I hate reading.. I like picture books ha so there may be a word here or there explaining something!

First Halloween!! 5 and a half months!

I thought I was pretty good at feeding babies! Until this little girl. It goes in then when im not looking she spits it out and rubs it with her hands all over her face!!.. Lets just say we have improved alot since this picture

Camping these kind people let us Repel

5 boys going hunting + 3 motorcycles - 2 flat tires on the motorcycles = All in the jeep

Layne's beenie

This chick has one heck of a personality already its crazy!!


Kay and Krystal said...

Oh Rachel..she is just gorgeous!! You should definitely update more often

Tammy said...

Love all your pictures Rachel. Addy is soooooooo CUTE!

Traci Butler said...

it's about dang time. Cute cute pics!

Hallie said...

Yay for updates! Ady is getting so big and she is so cute!!

grandma kathleen said...

Thank you!!! I don't get out and around much to see these precious ones, so I appreciate so much being able to click on a blog and see how proud Joe and Mitzi must be.

starberri321 said...

Okay, so we need to get together, asap. I only saw your baby at her baby blessing, she is so freaking cute. Hope everything is going good with you guys. Miss ya

The Webbs said...

she is so adorable!