Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I need to be better!

Its pretty sad how Sam is the one that gets after me for not posting. Any way's things are good at the Fry home. We have been staying busy. I watch my brother's kids during the week now so it keeps me busy! Ady is getting bigger by the second! She grows so fast. It makes me so sad. I want her to stay my baby forever. She is so fun!! She surprises me everyday the things she learns. She tells me NO WAY! And when someone wants to hold her and she doesn't want them to she will swing at them and tell them to GO WAY! She loves the word no and uses it lots. She loves it when her Daddy comes home from work. When she hears the door open she gets these big eyes and smile and heads for the door. She is walking everywhere. One day she got a jar of baby food and came and handed it to me and then went to her high chair. I guess thats her way of telling me she is hungry! She loves to eat. When someone has food she will go right over to them and beg like a little puppy! Even if she just ate a ton! She keeps me on my toes and gives me a workout. I am always chasing her and holding her. She is a hefty little thing. Ha But I love being a mom. Everything I do is all soooo worth it. It helps that I have a good baby and a good husband to help. Here are a couple random pictures over the past little bit.

This is Sam when he was a little boy! I guess we know who Ady looks like.

Here is Ady helping Daddy wash the truck.

Playing on the couch. One of her favorite things to to do.

She found this in our closet so I decided to put it on ha. I thought it was cute.


iheartmesa said...

You're raising a genius. I can't believe my girls are only a month behind Ady and they don't walk or talk yet - not even close. She seems so grown up (and spoiled :) And those cakes you made for her birthday, what are you, a Martha?

Great job being a mom Rachel.

(Oh, this is Kathryn, I didn't realize I was signed into the wrong account.)

Traci Butler said...

I thought that picture of Sam was ady's face photo shopped onto some random picture. Crazy how much they look alike. Cute pics.

Wendi and Matt said...

what a doll!! she is getting so big!