Thursday, May 7, 2009

Baby Shower!!

Last Tuesday my Mom , Traci and Laurie had a baby shower for me... It turned out so good. The food was awesome and I got everything our little girl needs. I want to thank everyone who came and for all the presents.... Our little girl is already so spoiled. Here is a picture of some of the stuff I got. Thank girls for a awesome shower!


Traci and Marcus said...

Rach I am just SO excited for that little girl to get here!! She will be so cute! I'm glad you had a good turn out for your shower. You got a good load of stuff. Can't wait for your shower in Snowflake :) I have been working on some stuff for you and I am dying to give it to you... but I will wait... maybe

Courtney and Jared Curt said...

wow, you got a ton of clothes. Good luck with everything.

Amber said...

Hey Rachel...question! How did you get your friends list to show all the updates under them?