Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I really need to post... Alot has happened since I have posted last. We are homeless and still no baby. Haha we had to be out of our house almost 2 weeks ago so my parents were kind enough to take us in. We were suppose to close on our house on the 24th of April but the seller didnt do what they were suppose to do for the final inspection so they asked for an extension. So there for we are staying with my parents. We have really enjoyed it actually! The food is amazing and I don't have to do as much and it is nice since I am almost 40 weeks prego!. But the good news is we did sign papers on our house yesterday!!! WOOHOO! It has been a rough experience. It seems that everything that could go wrong did! And the funny thing is, none of it was our fault!! We did have our 1 year Anniversary on the 16th.. We went and stayed in a hotel in Scottsdale it was alot of fun to get away right before our little girl gets here! (I know far away!!) It is crazy we have been married a year! People say your first year of marriage is the hardest but if it is that way then I think we will do just fine it was a piece of cake! I am to the point were I want to try anything to go into labor! So if anyone has any good idea's let me know. I was a little nervous that I was going to go into labor homeless but we are safe now SO COME ON BABY!


Kay and Krystal said...

So so much fun..good thing your not homeless! ha..your getting so dang close..I bet your excited and anxious..I don't know if this really works cause nothing I tried actually put me into labor..ha but this made me have contractions for a while....I walked like forever..seriously til I felt like I was going to die..and speed walked too no just walked for 5 miles..and than went home and got into a warm bath..not like burning hot..but just warm..Good luck for when your little one does come!

rachellehurd said...

hey! i went to church/school with sam and stumbled on your blog. i visited SD a while back, right before you guys got married, and remember at church how THRILLED katie was that sam had found you. fun stuff. :] congrats on the upcoming baby! that is exciting news. and as far as labor tips go: i'm a firm believer that nothing works. :/ the best thing i found to do was just do creative & fun things to make the time pass more quickly. it is a miserable time. sorry, friend! good luck! can't wait to hear your story & see pictures!

Hallie said...

I'm glad you are not a homeless pregnant girl anymore Rachel. I hope your baby comes soon! Don't let my mom get wind of the fact that you would do anything to go into labor. She will hop on a plane right now and be on your doorstep with a bottle of castor oil in hand to pour down your throat. Come to think of it why don't you just wait to have it on Saturday....I know another really cool girl that was born on that day. :) Good luck Rach!