Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lots of Pictures.

I am horrible at blogging. That's all there is to it!! Every post is something random with lots of pictures. I'm going to make it a goal to post something specific next time!! But here are lots of pictures of the past couple months.

Ady's first ride! She loved it... This chick loves anything that moves whether its a horse or Sam. She loves to ride!

Buff spider woman!

This was over the 24th at the Flake rodeo.

She is already a professional. I always find her playing the piano.

We were outside waiting for daddy to get home from work.

Look at her wait so patiently

Chucky CHEESE!!

Another picture at chucky cheese riding the train

Auntie Laurie Spoils her. She loved it.

4th of July parade in Benson! Ady was a little happy.

Every time I open the dryer she jumps in.

We pretty much swim everyday. Its nice having a pool in our backyard to keep us cool In this heat!!

Told ya she loves to ride. The moment Sam sits on the floor or lays down she hops on and starts moving back and forth for him to move. Its cute.

So tired.....
Well that's it for now!! Things are going really good. Ady is going to be a big sister!!! We are all so excited. She knew before we did. She pulled up my shirt and kept saying baby baby baby and rubbed my tummy and laid on it and gave it a kiss. And like 2 weeks later we found out I was pregnant!!! She still does it. And gives my belly kisses and always says baby! I just love this little girl and cant wait to have a new little bundle of joy!!


Kay and Krystal said...

She is such a cute girl! She looks so happy in all her pics. Congrats on the new little one too:)

The Webbs said...

congrats rach! she is so cute, her and bentley's personalities seem a lot alike. bentley loves to play with the dryer, and loves to wait for dad to get home. she is too cute rachel, the next one will be super cute too!

Traci Butler said...

Cute pics! Hurry up and find out how many weeks knocked up you are k?

grandma kathleen said...

What a blessing to have another one on the way! We are happy for you. Thanks for posting the pictures--love looking at them.

K said...

so wierd... i opened your post, and i had this thought... i bet if i read to the very very end there is going to be an ultrasound pict or something.... maybe cause when i blogged and didn't get to it for awhile it was cause i was preg and too busy growing my bean (taking naps) to do anything else. CONGRATS!

Tyler and Hillary said...

REALLY?? I haven't looked at your blog in forever and then I see you are pregnant again? Did you know when we went swimming that one day and just not want to say anything yet? Anyway, we are super excited for you guys! Babies are so precious :) Let's get together again soon.

Courtney Curt said...


Courtney Williams said...

You're prego?! It seems just like yesterday I was giving you crap for getting married so young :-)