Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I think it's about time!

I think it is about time I update!!! First off we are having a BOY!!!! We are so excited. Its going to be different. I am so use to having a girl it will be a change..But can't wait... Ady loves playing with her little brother already. She will always lift up my shirt and hug and kiss my belly and try to shove a binky in my belly button for the baby! The other night she was laying in bed with us and I went to pull the covers up around my neck and she got so mad at me pulled it back down and kept saying no baby, no baby and gave my belly a hug. I guess he wasn't aloud to be covered. This girl is full of energy and joy. There is never a dull moment with that chick. She has one heck of a personality. She use to prefer me over Sam but when he stayed home for 4 days around thanksgiving that changed! When he goes to work she always asks me "Where's Sammy? Sometimes it's daddy sometimes its Sam and the others its Sammy! I can't wait to have another bundle of joy enter our family. Before I had kids I always said I wanted crazy kids. And by gum did I get one and I love it. I love hearing stories about funny things kids do.. Anyways enough blabbing.. Here are some pictures of the past little bit! Enjoy.

Ady at Sam's football game wearing my glasses
Sam's 27th birthday!
Playing at the park

Carebear at Sam's halloween work party
Sam's team did Toy story and he was Ken ha. Sorry I forgot to turn it so just turn your head.

Aunt Laurie gave her a fudge pop in the car... I think she was a little happy can ya tell!
Getting ready to go on a walk with mommy!!

Getting hosed down after she ate something and got it everywhere!


Traci Butler said...

cute pictures and ya for a baby boy! I like your "shorts" in the picture of her funny face ;) She is getting so big!

DawnSheree said...

Oh yes! I am so excited for you guys to have a little dude. He is going to be a little stud. Sam told me you were expecting when we were in St. David. How fun!

Glitz to Glamour said...

SOOOO Cute!! It was fun seeing you guys the other night, she is a doll, and you can't even tell you are prego, makes me....happy for you ;-) I need to bring that bouncer back over, we need to hang out again too, it was a lot of fun. Anyways... congrats!!

Lisa said...

Rach Congrats!! Ady is so stink'n cute. loved the update!