Thursday, April 28, 2011


Ady dressed herself can you tell.. All I did was snap the onzie for her cause she was getting mad cause she couldnt do it.

Big smiles!

I just got done giving Drake a bath and was putting on his clothes and heard her in the bathroom and walked in to this. I guess she didnt want to feel left out

Story time before bed. She wanted Drake to lay with her.

This blog post is about Ady. I am doing it so I dont forget what she is learning and the funny things she does. . The other day Drake was crying and I was on the phone with the insurance guy so I couldn't hold him. So Ady went and got a bottle that was drying off the counter sets in on the floor in front of the fridge opens the fridge gets out the gallon of milk opens it and tells me Broder (Brother) needs a baba(Bottle)... She loves to help with him. Sometimes a little to much but I love it.

Here are some things she Loves and Does.

*Loves Barney (Sam hated it)

*Loves it when daddy comes home

*Loves to say thank you!

*Loves to help with Drake

*Loves her Blankets, She has 2 of them that go with her everywhere!

*Loves to color

*Loves to go on walks

*Loves to swim

*Loves to read books (where in the world did that come from) I guess Sam!

*Loves to be naked and is quite often

*Loves to dress herself she even has to pick out her own clothe
*Loves dolls

*Loves animals

*Loves to sing songs (favorites are Itsy bitsy Spider and wheels on the bus)

*Loves to through temper tantrums to get what she wants.. (Working on that)

*Loves Brad and Macee

* She still sleeps in a crib (If anyone has any tips how to change this let me know!)


*She knows almost all her ABC's She will leave out a couple letters here and there

* She can count to 10 sometimes 13

*She knows most of her shapes

*We are working on colors.

* She knows almost every animal and what sound they make

* She can say just about anything

* She repeats just about anything (got to be careful with that one)

*She has been practicing for the 24 of July Races already

These are just some of the things at the top of my head that I want to write down so I remember.


iheartmesa said...

Dang Rachel. You are raising a genius. My girls are only a month younger and I'm happy that they know how to say mommy and cookie.
And by the way - I wouldn't rush the crib thing, unless you need it for Drake. Naptime goes so much better when a crib is involved. I plan to keep Leta and Annie in their crib for at least another year :)
-Kathryn (too lazy to sign into my personal account)

The Webbs said...

she is adorable!!!