Friday, July 8, 2011

Drakes Blessing

Drake was blessed May 29th 20011 by his dad.. It was a beautiful blessing...Lots of family and friends came by our house after the blessing for lunch. This little boy brings such a joy into are home. Every day I look at Ady and Drake and think of how blessed we are to have them in our lives. They bring such a special spirit into our home. We just love them so much!!

Drake so handsome for his big day!

This was our attempt to get a family picture. Ady wasn't having it!! She was screaming. Thats the best we got!


Hallie said...

He is adorable Rachel!

Courtney Curt said...

Cute Cute in his blessing outfit! And Ady is so cute, belly shirt and all. I can't believe you have two kids. How many years has it been since I've seen you guys. Tell Laurie hi for me. Tell her I said to make a blog, so I can keep up to date.