Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Silly girl

This is a video of her "READING". I love it when she memorizes a story then repeats it. She was sitting in her room reading this one day so I made her do it again for me.When she is suppose to be taking a nap I always see her in the video monitor playing and reading stories to herself. Its so funny. One day I will sneak a video.
This little girl makes us laugh...I am going to write down some of the funny stuff she has said just for my sake so I wont forget them.
*The other day we were in the store. She went and grabbed a box of cookies off the shelf and said. Oh gosh that's 20 pounds.... Where in the world does she know about pounds?
*She was playing in the bathroom and I went into check on her and she was opening my tampons... (Me) What do you think your doing? (Ady) Look mommy's Crayons.
*She call boobies Doebies. I was feeding Drake and she yelled Drakers don't bite mamma's Doebies.
*Sam and I were sitting on the couch watching a movie and we already put Ady down for bed. She came out over and over. One of the times she came out She came and gets in 0ur face and says "Look it me. Its Ady... No really!!
*I was getting in Drakes closet to get some more diapers out. She walks in and says in her squeaky little voice.. "Mommy what you freakin doing?" She picks up on every word no matter where she hears it.
*We were sitting in church one day and she kept moving around. (Me) What are you doin? (Ady) Yells " I have a wedgie!
* Every time I ask her to do something she says "um yeah sure".
*She call's me Rach or Rachel. She call's sam Babe or Samuel and she call's Drake Draker's or Goober bunny.
*We were driving to Costco and we were in the turning lane. The people weren't turning and Sam said something like come on turn. Ady goes Dad Be patient.
* She was jumping off the back of the couch I look at her and she says to me. I'm Nuts ill be careful.
*Whenever i'm getting dressed she says to me Okay mom keep your pannies dry.
That is only like half of it. This girl is full of it.


Traci Butler said...

Hahaha i got a good chuckle out of the things she's been saying. too funny. and freakin is totally your word so we know just where she hears that one ;)

kasey kaufusi said...

haha oh rachel sounds like you got a handful! she is so cute!

Lisa said...

Ady has SOOO much personality. I love it!

kate said...

Bahahah! These are SO funny Rach! She is a crack up.

The Motts said...

haha so funny, im sure she keeps you entertained all day long!